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How to safely drive around large trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Vehicular Accidents

row of semi trucks

Drivers in Lafayette encounter a number of different dangers while on the roads. They must deal with various types of weather conditions. They also need to be aware of all of the other drivers on the road as well. The actions of other drivers are often the most dangerous part of driving. While the actions of a driver in any vehicle can result in a car accident, causing significant damages and serious injuries, accidents involving large trucks can be particularly catastrophic.

Trucks are so much larger than most other vehicles on the roads. When they are in truck accidents, they can completely destroy other vehicles on the roads and also damage many vehicles in one accident, depending on the circumstances. It is very important that people are able to avoid accidents with trucks when possible.

Tips for safely driving around trucks

While sometimes truck accidents are unavoidable, there are certain actions you can take when driving around trucks to help protect themselves.

  • One of the most important things you can do to avoid truck accidents is to stay out of truck drivers’ blind spots as much as possible. Try to make sure that you can see the truck drivers in their mirrors. If you can see them, they can see you and know not to change lanes or make a turn.
  • Accelerate when passing trucks if possible. As stated above lingering in blind spots is dangerous, so if necessary, accelerate enough to move out of blind spots when passing trucks
  • Give extra space before going back in front of a truck. There is a greater distance in front of trucks where the drivers cannot see vehicles in front of them. Cutting back in front of a truck too closely can cause accidents
  • Give extra distance when following a truck. Staying further back can help prevent rear ending a truck in front of you. Because trucks are higher off the ground, other vehicles could slide underneath the truck
  • Be aware that trucks will take wider righthand and left-hand turns. When you see a turn signal on a truck, do not try passing it on the side it is turning.

Driving around trucks is a necessary part of driving on the roads in Louisiana. Drivers should take extra precautions around trucks, but being cautious will not prevent all truck accidents. Victims of truck accidents can be put in a very difficult position, but they may be entitled to compensation. Truck accidents can be complicated and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.