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3 reasons that crash rates in Louisiana seem to be on the rise

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

man wearing plaid shirt driving while using phone

A car crash can occur at any moment on Louisiana roads, often with very little or no warning whatsoever. For example, drivers who are following the law could end up blindsided by someone who barrels through an intersection because they are drunk and not paying attention.

Crashes have long been a concern for public safety, but the frequency with which they occur and the severity of their consequences have increased somewhat in the last several years. Drivers in Louisiana may be aware of the spike in crashes that has occurred recently and, therefore, how their risk of getting hurt on the road is higher.

Those who understand three of the most common contributing causes to such crashes can avoid making poor safety choices at the wheel and may have an easier time spotting signs of danger nearby on the road as well during this time of heightened danger.

1. Alcohol impairment

There are thousands of drunk driving crashes every year in Louisiana, and they remain a leading cause of traffic fatalities. Plenty of people in Louisiana drive drunk because they underestimate how much they’ve had to drink or overestimate their driving skills. There are also many tourists who overindulge while visiting the state and end up trying to make it back to their hotel.

2. Distracted driving

Drivers all over the country use their phones at the wheel and let other distractions reduce their overall safety. However, Louisiana certainly seems to be one of the most dangerous states in terms of distracted driving collisions specifically. A review of crash data indicated that Louisiana could potentially have the second-highest rate of distracted driving in the country.

3. Excessive speeding

People have become more impatient in recent years, and the desire for instant gratification trickles down into how people behave in traffic. They may significantly exceed the posted speed limit and will even roll through red lights and four-way stops. Essentially, drivers may put personal convenience ahead of safety and compliance with traffic laws.

Understanding and avoiding common safety issues that increase the risk of a motor vehicle collision can protect those out on Louisiana roads. With that said, even those who avoid these common traffic mistakes could still end up hurt by another driver who isn’t as responsible, so it’s also important to understand that speaking with an attorney in the wake of an injurious crash can help to protect crash victims’ interests.