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Is someone who is injured in a crash while working protected?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Vehicular Accidents

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Businesses engaged in many different industries may require that employees drive at some point to do their jobs. A training manager for a chain of coffee shops may need to visit each individual franchise monthly, meaning that they spend hours on the road traveling. Service professionals, salespeople and even human resources workers or nurses may also spend a good portion of their workdays on the road.

Traveling for work is a major safety concern for many employees. In 2020, more than a thousand workers died in car crashes that happened while they were on the clock. Thousands of others suffered injuries that required medical care and may have affected their employment.

How do workers cover their lost wages and other expenses after a crash on the job?

There may be several kinds of insurance that apply

The person at fault for the crash should help reimburse the motorist who was working at the time of the wreck. Their property damage and bodily injury liability insurance coverage can help pay for someone’s hospital bills and cover the cost to repair their vehicle. That coverage can also help replace lost wages after a wreck.

However, there are very strict policy limits that apply, and people may find themselves without sufficient financial support, especially if they suffered major injuries and need a lengthy leave of absence from work. It may also be possible for someone to make a claim against workers’ compensation coverage for medical costs and some of their lost wages. A combination of the two forms of insurance can provide more comprehensive reimbursement than relying on only car insurance or workers’ compensation. Occasionally, there may also be grounds for someone to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who was at fault for the crash.

A job-related collision can cause significant hardship

If someone relies on their vehicle to do their job, a crash that leaves them without transportation could be a major concern. If their injuries will prevent them from working temporarily or for the immediate future, the need to cover their wages is also an important consideration.

Those who drive for work have a higher degree of risk than others for debilitating job-related injuries, as crashes remain a leading cause of lost-time incidents for workers in many professions. Ultimately, seeking legal guidance may benefit those who recently experienced a car crash at work.