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What should I do after a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents

accident with white box truck

When people experience surprise or shock, they may have a hard time thinking rationally. Unexpected events can lead to poor decision-making and impulse control. The panic that people feel after a motor vehicle crash often leads to a failure to take important steps for their own protection. They may also do certain things that ultimately compromise their rights.

If a crash involves a passenger vehicle and a big commercial truck, there are many potential risks that the people in the passenger vehicle will “do the wrong thing” in response to the trauma of the situation. It can be helpful to keep in mind specific, necessary steps that should be taken after a commercial vehicle crash so that executing them is easier by virtue of triggering memory of this knowledge.

Report the matter to the authorities

Commercial drivers are often eager to avoid official reporting if possible because any traffic infraction in their semi-truck could affect their commercial license. Regardless of what a truck driver says, motorists should prioritize informing the authorities and explaining what they think caused the crash.

Seek medical evaluation

Once police officers have taken the information about the crash and allowed people to leave the scene, it is often a smart move for someone to see a medical professional to determine if they have any injuries that require treatment.

Talk to a lawyer

Quite a few people think that they will be able to handle an insurance claim on their own after a car crash. Doing so is risky even when someone has a claim related to a basic fender bender. When a collision involves a commercial vehicle that has a six or seven-figure insurance policy attached, the insurance company is much more likely to aggressively negotiate and to try to limit how much someone receives in compensation. It is very easy for the average person to accept a bad settlement or to make mistakes that hurt their case.

Determine what the crash will truly cost

Sometimes, a property damage or personal injury claim after a commercial vehicle crash will need to go to court because the company doesn’t want to admit fault or their insurance provider doesn’t want to offer appropriate compensation. Someone injured and struggling with medical bills and lost wages needs to have a realistic idea of the long-term financial impact the crash will cause if they hope to get appropriate compensation.

Commercial vehicles can cause some of the worst crashes possible, and those affected will need to be ready to seek justice. Speaking with an experienced legal professional in the wake of a semi-truck collision is often a good place to begin.