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Standing Up For Your Rights After A Car Crash

Lafayette attorney J. Quentin Simon is not a “one-and-done” attorney. Not only does he stand up for his clients, but he also stands by them every step of the case. It’s just one of the reasons the law firm of J. Minos Simon has been around for over 75 years. As an attorney with decades of successful personal injury experience, he can assist with a wide variety of injuries in many types of Louisiana wrecks, including:

  • Big truck accidents, including semis, 18-wheelers, delivery trucks or other big rigs
  • Boats, seagoing vessels or other watercraft or recreation vehicles
  • Motorcycle collisions or wipeouts

If you suffered an injury while biking, walking, running or driving by a negligent driver, speak with an attorney about your right to compensation. Any time you or a loved one gets injured because someone else did something or was acting in an unsafe manner, it’s time to stand up for yourself and get the help you need to heal.

What Are Some Causes Of Auto Accidents?

A variety of factors can cause or contribute to a car crash. Some of the most common causes of accidents include:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving

Often, a variety of these criteria come into play and contribute to a crash. Determining the cause or causes is crucial if you want to recover maximum compensation for your damages. Attorney Simon has extensive experience investigating all types of accidents and preserving evidence to get to the root cause of a crash.

Getting Timely Payment

Attorney Simon will work to get you the timely payment you need and deserve from the insurance company. Insurance companies have a duty to investigate and resolve claims in a timely manner, but they do not always fulfill this duty. Attorney Simon will work assiduously to ensure that the insurance company pays when it should.

The Most Dangerous Roads In The Region

Lafayette, Acadiana and the surrounding metro area provide close-knit communities and a high quality of life. Unfortunately, the region’s roadways often prove fatally dangerous to motorists. Interstate 10, US-90 (the Evangeline Thruway), U.S. Route 167 and East Broussard Road are just a few examples of popular roads that have numerous accidents – some of them fatal. In fact, Interstate 10 had the most deadly crashes out of all Louisiana roadways between 2015 and 2017.

Seeking The Maximum Medical Improvement You Deserve

Some attorneys want to resolve as many cases as fast as possible. These attorneys will accept the first settlement offer. This is not the way attorney Simon operates. He will pursue the compensation most likely to bring you the maximum medical improvement. This means comparing how you were before the wreck to how you are after it. Then he computes how much care it will take to bring you back to “wholeness.” This is how he arrives at the number for maximum medical improvement.

Compassionately Helping With Wrongful Death Claims

Nothing is more tragic than the untimely loss of a loved one because someone else was negligent. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal car crash, attorney Simon will protect your rights and honor your loved one’s memory. He will pursue a wrongful death claim with the care and compassion that you and your family deserve during this time of loss.

Meet With Attorney Simon To Understand What To Do Next

The best way to understand if you have a claim, the scope of that claim and the steps to take is to schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Simon. As an experienced car accident lawyer, he is dedicated to providing you with the help and guidance you need. Call 337-294-8581 or reach him at the firm via the online inquiry form to request a free consultation.