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Experience Handling All Types Of Unique Accident Claims

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common categories of personal injuries, but it is far from the only one. Many other injuries can result from rare incidents such as boat, plane, helicopter and bicycle crashes.

At J. Minos Simon Law Firm, you will find a dedicated attorney who can help you if you or your loved one experienced a catastrophic accident. J. Quentin Simon, the firm’s attorney, is the son of founding attorney J. Minos Simon. He carries on his father’s legacy of protecting victims’ rights, recovering fair compensation and helping community members carry on with their lives.

Some of the cases he accepts include:

  • Aircraft accidents: If a helicopter or plane crashed while transporting you to an oil rig, attorney Simon can stand up against powerful aviation interests.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist accidents: Many people are quick to place the blame on cyclists and pedestrians, so Mr. Simon will level the playing field and advocate for you.
  • Boating accidents: Negligent boating is just as serious as negligent driving, and you will need a lawyer who can investigate the crash site for evidence.

Experience is crucial in accident claims, and Mr. Simon possesses it in spades. He understands how to build a solid claim, investigate a crash, hire expert witnesses and hold the negligent party accountable.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

You have the right to handle your claim on your own, but that’s not always a wise choice. Insurance companies have strategies to reduce the compensation they pay you. By hiring an accident attorney like J. Quentin Simon, you ensure that you have counsel to represent you.

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