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Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim

People throughout the Acadiana region choose to ride bikes, run or walk for many reasons. Whether you are out getting some exercise or commuting to work, it is likely that you pay attention to your surroundings and abide by the rules of the road. You cross at crosswalks, wait for traffic lights to change and wear reflective clothing during non-daylight hours.

Despite bikers’ attempts at safety, negligent motorists can and do cause injury and death. When this happens, we at the J. Minos Simon Law Firm can help you secure the compensation you need to cover the current and future expenses of your injuries.

Understanding Your State’s Bicycle Laws

As an experienced attorney, J. Quentin Simon has significant knowledge of Louisiana’s laws and how these laws apply in his personal injury practice. Louisiana has a new law pertaining to bicycle accidents. This law states that motorists must maintain a distance of a least three feet from a bicyclist when passing the bicyclist.

Failure to follow this law can result in the bicyclist being “buzzed” by the car, knocking the cyclist off the bike or causing the cyclist to run off the road. Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Our firm provides vigorous advocacy to people injured in bike accidents. We can analyze evidence to determine if the motorist broke a law and hold that motorist accountable for his or her negligence.

Contact a Bike Accident Attorney

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