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When to Hire a Maritime Lawyer

The quick answer to the question of when you should call a lawyer after an accident at sea is “as soon as your ship docks.” If you have cell phone / Wi-Fi access and the privilege of making personal phone calls onboard, call or contact an attorney as soon as you can.

A common mistake some workers make is trying to appear to be a “team” player who doesn’t want to stir things up with the threat of a lawsuit. There could be quite a price to pay in order to protect an image that won’t even benefit you in the long run. A lot of maritime workers – or former workers who can’t work anymore – wish they had called an attorney promptly after their accident.


Common Injuries

Maritime workers face situations and conditions that would send most into a state of fear and despair. While for the most part they understand the hazards and have various ways of coping and minimizing risk, accidents do still happen. 

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Our firm is proud to help injured maritime workers seek compensation. Every occupation has its risks, and the maritime industry is no different. In fact, seamen participate in one of the most hazardous industries in existence.

Seamen are at risk for work-related injuries whenever they are on the boat. The courts recognize this. Moreover, our personal injury law firm works continuously to fight for injured seamen.

Maritime law allows injured maritime workers the opportunity to claim necessary compensation for any suffering of work-related complications. These laws are the basis for all injuries that seamen sustain.

When you sustain an injury at sea, it is vital to work with an experienced maritime attorney with a comprehensive understanding of these laws. If you have been injured in the maritime industry, contact
our office and let us fight for you.

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